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Pressure Gauge
ABP deals with a wide range of instruments including measuring pressure equipment .We have a verity of pressure gauge which can be categorizes under these section.

Diaphragm Gauges
Low Pressure Gauges
Differential Pressure Gauge
Test Gauges
Electric Contact Pressure Gauge
Calibration Of Pressure Gauge
Differential pressure gauge
deals as the difference in pressure between two points means it make rotation of two shafts at different points the difference between two or more pressures introduced as inputs to the sensing unit, for example, measuring the pressure drop across an oil filter. Differential pressure is also used to measure flow or level in pressurized vessels. These gauges are intended for measuring the pressure differential existing across two media or two parts of a system. The pressure element separates the two pressurized media, and deflects proportional to the difference in pressures between the media, irrespective of the absolute pressures applied. This deflection is converted into the rotation of a concentric pointer on a dial, similar to regular pressure gauges. The absolute value of either of the pressures is not usually indicated.

Electric contact pressure gauge
can be used for different monitoring, measurement and control of line pressure by switching “on or off” electrical equipment. The SE model contact pressure with electrical alarm contacts are suitable for controlling or regulating process sequences. The contact opens and closes electrical circuits in relation to the position of the pointer on the pressure gauge. Our contact pressure gauges with bourdon tube system are used at process pressures of approximately 1kg/cm2 and upwards. The materials used make the gauges suitable for chemically aggressive gases or liquids,although these may not be too viscous or be susceptible to crystallization. The inexpensive tried and tested bourdon tube system coupled with modern modular principle provides a very reliable yet inexpensive contact pressure gauge. Electrical alarm contact are used as magnetic snap-action contacts,especially in harsh industrial conditions. The high contact pressure and the choice of different electrical contact materials enable high currents to be switched reliably. If the electrical switching spaciest of the alarm contacts are exceeded or not reached (See DE 12 31), a relay is to be used to provide an appropriated current rating (DE 12 30).Inductive alarm contacts operate without physical contact and thus have no unfavorable effects no unfavorable effects on the pressure measuring system while having an unlimited service life. A control unit is always needed to operate these contacts. Contact pressure gauges with inductive alarm contact can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres,provided that the appropriate regulations are complied with.

Calibration pressure gauge
Pressure gauges are either direct- or indirect-reading. Hydrostatic and elastic gauges measure pressure are directly influenced by force exerted on the surface by incident particle flux, and are called direct reading gauges. Thermal and ionization gauges read pressure indirectly by measuring a gas property that changes in a predictable manner with gas density. Indirect measurements are susceptible to more errors than direct measurements.

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